12 Rules to Dress By

Ethical Fashion expert Amisha Ghadiali calls on us to make 2012 ‘The Year of The Sustainable Wardrobe’ with each of us becoming conscious consumers and demanding that the fashion industry is changed. (EFW.com 2012)

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Fashionsus x

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Me Again!

Hi Guys, 

Sorry I havn’t been posting much, it’s been a manic few days!! I have finally started writing up my dissertation (EEK!). After months of researching I am finally taking the plunge and putting finger tips to key board! 

Starting with a introduction chapter about the background of sustainability, I thought I would share with you a couple of key points and quotes from my work. Feel free to leave a comment with any suggestions or criticisms (constructive only please!!) Read more!

Fashionsus x

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M&S. Setting the Sustainable Standard

Good afternoon!

Iv been working on a new text this morning (The Green Marketing Manifesto, John Grant) and my reading has made it very clear who the leaders are in retail sustainabilityM&S have been (and continue) to set outstanding ethical standards in the retail industry

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The New Rules of Green Marketing by Jacquelyn Ottman


Jacquelyn Ottman showcases 20 years of marketing experience in this fab book. Putting fashion aside, it gets to the ‘knitty gritty’ in terms of green marketing theory and provides anyone with an interest in sustainability a wealth of background information and marketing advice…

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Sustainable Retail is a Must-Do for 2012

WGSN have decided that ‘Recycling and upcycling are becoming differentiators for brands and retailers targeting a growing number of consumers for whom eco-friendly is the new normal.’ (Ball,J,2011)

Sustainability in the fashion industry has been described as a trend by some people, but according to WGSN, sustainable retail is here to stay, and essential for the development of retail brands in 2012…

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