H&M Launch Red Carpet Eco Collection

H&M have launched an all American vintage insipred collection made from  sustainable materials like organic cotton, hemp and recycled polyester. Hats off to H&M who have got some great ‘stand out’ pieces (my favorites are below) as well as flying that ethical flag with a press release stating “This collection shows how important sustainability is to H&M,”…

In stores from April 12th 2012, (100 stores nationwide) expect snaking ques and for me to be at the front!!

Original Article here and image rights to H&M

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Fabric Innovations

Evening all!

I know it is a Saturday evening so I won’t keep you from having fun for too long, but I really wanted to share this youtube vid with you, could this be the future of less environmentally harmful washing and drying?

Food for thought….

Happy weekend and lots of love!

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If you havn’t yet attended a ‘Swap Shop’, get down to your nearest one ASAP! As of last night, I can hold my hands up and say I was a swap shop virgin, continue reading for a complete low down and more snaps of my fab evening!

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