Me Again!

Hi Guys, 

Sorry I havn’t been posting much, it’s been a manic few days!! I have finally started writing up my dissertation (EEK!). After months of researching I am finally taking the plunge and putting finger tips to key board! 

Starting with a introduction chapter about the background of sustainability, I thought I would share with you a couple of key points and quotes from my work. Feel free to leave a comment with any suggestions or criticisms (constructive only please!!) Read more!

Fashionsus x

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Stella on Leather

Hi guys,

Ecouterre have just posted about a video done by Stella McCartney for PETA about the leather industry, check out the vid below…

Please be warned there are some graphic images of cows being abused but I wanted to share it with you because it has really opened my eyes up to animal cruelty for leather. Yes, everyone knows that fur is a big ethical no,no; but leather?

Fashionsus x

Turning the Red Carpet Green


“She is seen as the world’s most glamorous champion of “eco style” and has been dubbed “the queen of the green carpet”. Groskop 2011


Liv's vogue blog


Livia Firth is a pioneering figure in the sustainable fashion world and one to watch in 2012, read more for my views on Livia!

Fashionsus x

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Fashion Design Focus Group

Afternoon guys!

Wanted to post a thank you to the NTU final year Fashion Design students that attended my focus group yesterday afternoon… it really gave me an insight into the higher education curriculum of next generation designers. For anyone undertaking any research I would really recommend focus groups, informal chats about peoples experiences really give you an insight into natural thoughts and behavior.

Read more for some of my questions!

Fashionsus x

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Ethical Consumption A Critical Introduction by Tania Lewis & Emily Potter


With over consumption arguably being a (if not the) main contributor to unstustainable fashion, background reading on consumption is critical to my understanding of the subject. Lewis and Potter have edited ‘Ethical Consumption’, published in 2011, this is fresh off the shelf…

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