Honest by

I have stumbled across this small brand (based in Belguim and launched in January 2012) whose philosophy is totally based around “ensuring customers know the entire manufacturing history of all its products.”

Continue reading to find out more about Honest by and see a short video!

Fashionsus x

So I found this article on Springwise.com which talks about Honest by doing exactly what it says on the tin, being honest.

Bec Kempster has spotted that “Transparency is key to Honest by’s operations and, in its own words, it is the “first company in the world to share the full cost breakdown of its products”.

In my research iv found that successful sustainable brands base their concepts on transparency and trust with their consumer, from tiny brands such as Honest by to huge retailers like M&S, providing clear and transparent supply chain information is key to sustainable success…

Fashionsus x


Not sure what this video has to do with the collection or thier transparency, but it’s pretty cool no?

find the original Springwise article here and find the pricey but seriously stylish Honest by collection here … Enjoy!


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