If you havn’t yet attended a ‘Swap Shop’, get down to your nearest one ASAP! As of last night, I can hold my hands up and say I was a swap shop virgin, continue reading for a complete low down and more snaps of my fab evening!

Fashionsus x

With an air of apprehension, I dragged my housemate and two course friends down to The Orange Tree (a great little hang out on Shakespeare St, Nottingham) to find out more about swap shopping. Armed with 4 or 5 garments that have been knocking around my draws and gathering dust, I wasn’t sure what to expect, a gaggle of old women pushing a shoving like their life depended on it? Or a calm cool collection of fashionistas carefully selecting pieces and perfecting thier vintage wardrobes? Either way I was heading to the pub (research of course being at the forefront of my mind)

Its safe to say that within seconds of arriving, all apprehension had transformed into excitement as the lovely staff exchanged my unwanted clothes for ‘Swap Tickets’ (so you basically swap your donations for tickets which you hand over when leaving with your new goodies!) I must admit my initial thoughts were “Do we stand around haggling with each other?” , “What if i don’t like the top shes trying to swap with me?!” But no, all was fine and all the clothes were laid, hung and displayed beautifully.

15 minute slots were allocated to groups of swappers (may I add that not ONE man had a swap or a look despite there being a whole table dedicated to them…) and a lot of people I chatted too were swapping newbies like myself.

It was a great vibe and for a great charity (£2 entry went towards Maggies Cancer Caring Centres) and I would 100% recommend heading down to your nearest one. its the perfect chance for a chatch up with friends, to be ethical with your fashion decisions and to more than likely pick up a great item in return for one that you never wear!

Hoorah for Swap Shops, Orange Tree, do another one soon please!!!! xx


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