12 Rules to Dress By

Ethical Fashion expert Amisha Ghadiali calls on us to make 2012 ‘The Year of The Sustainable Wardrobe’ with each of us becoming conscious consumers and demanding that the fashion industry is changed. (EFW.com 2012)

Read more to hear about Amisha and EFW..

Fashionsus x

During my research, the main issue surrounding sustainability seems to be the unclear definition and the ineffective communication methods used to engage consumers.. Amisha has provided a clear, simple, effective (and quick!) way for consumers to question their fashion ethics, the 12 steps above show a wardrobe shopping ‘checklist’ and are the perfect way for first time ethical customers to get involved with this exciting and fast evolving movement!

“The responsibility to change fashion is shared between the fashion industry, governments and us. What we buy or demand makes an enormous difference to what is made. There is a whole vocabulary building up around ethical fashion, with phrases such as Pre-Loved, Up-Cycled, Organic and Fair-trade. It’s important that we all start to understand what these mean and this is the future of fashion.” Ghadiali

(Eco Fashion World is a great little website that directs you straight to sustainable clothing brands, news and information…original article http://www.ecofashionworld.com/Faves/12-Rules-To-Dress-By.html)


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