Turning the Red Carpet Green


“She is seen as the world’s most glamorous champion of “eco style” and has been dubbed “the queen of the green carpet”. Groskop 2011


Liv's vogue blog


Livia Firth is a pioneering figure in the sustainable fashion world and one to watch in 2012, read more for my views on Livia!

Fashionsus x

Firth, 42, is wife of British actor Colin Firth. She has a Vogue blog and is campaigning for ‘The Green Carpet Challenge’ which encourages designers and celebrities to embrace ethical fashion and upcycling.

In my opinion, the industry are desperate for more figures like Livia to make sustainable fashion seem ‘cool’. If consumers are watching the Golden Globes and seeing thier favorite idols rocking vintage suits and dresses made from recycled bottles, they are 100% more likely to actively seek ehtical fashion for themselves.

Keep up-to-date with Livia’s life and green ambitions on her blog… http://www.vogue.co.uk/blogs/livia-firth?page=2



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