Fashion Design Focus Group

Afternoon guys!

Wanted to post a thank you to the NTU final year Fashion Design students that attended my focus group yesterday afternoon… it really gave me an insight into the higher education curriculum of next generation designers. For anyone undertaking any research I would really recommend focus groups, informal chats about peoples experiences really give you an insight into natural thoughts and behavior.

Read more for some of my questions!

Fashionsus x

  • Tell me more about how much education you have had at Trent regarding fashion sustainability
  • Do you think education with regards to this topic is important and relevant? Would you be more interested if tutors pushed it more? Or is it something you havn’t really thought about?
  • Have any of you worked with or developed sustainable/ethical garments during your time at Trent? Examples?
  • Would a brand found to be unethical discourage you from applying for a role there?
  • Do you think more should be done in terms of teaching with regards to ethical and sustainable practice? 

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