Ethical Consumption A Critical Introduction by Tania Lewis & Emily Potter


With over consumption arguably being a (if not the) main contributor to unstustainable fashion, background reading on consumption is critical to my understanding of the subject. Lewis and Potter have edited ‘Ethical Consumption’, published in 2011, this is fresh off the shelf…

 Expecting some facts and figures related to fashion i was pleasently surprised to find a WHOLE chapter about fashion consumption. Originally named ‘Is green the new black?’ *YAWN*, Chris Gibson and Elyse Stanes have contributed a chapter that explores ethical fashion consumption.

Yes the language used is quite heavy but it gives reference to a lot of cultural and political view points as to WHY humans over consume fashion and asks questions such as “Will transforming the consumption of fashion towards more ethical ends be as simple as convincing people to buy different items of clothing?”. It also gives an insight into current movements such as clothes swapping.

An interesting read and an unexpected fashion chapter treat! Available to buy:

Fashionsus x


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