M&S. Setting the Sustainable Standard

Good afternoon!

Iv been working on a new text this morning (The Green Marketing Manifesto, John Grant) and my reading has made it very clear who the leaders are in retail sustainabilityM&S have been (and continue) to set outstanding ethical standards in the retail industry

Grant describes M&S’s sustainable slogan ‘Plan A. Because there is no Plan B‘ as a “political rhetoric“. M&S have successfully set new standards of sustainable practice, by 2015, M&S have committed to becoming the worlds most sustainable retailer by 2015… and honestly I 100% think they will succeed.

Check out the Plan A 2011 report below: http://plana.marksandspencer.com/media/pdf/how_we-do_business_report_2011.pdf

M&S are so transparent, honest and engaging with their consumers and stakeholders that this has the potential to be an epic shift towards a more sustainable future in the fashion industry. Fingers crossed that this movement will influence other retailers! Walmart, are you taking notes?

Fashionsus x


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