Sustainable Retail is a Must-Do for 2012

WGSN have decided that ‘Recycling and upcycling are becoming differentiators for brands and retailers targeting a growing number of consumers for whom eco-friendly is the new normal.’ (Ball,J,2011)

Sustainability in the fashion industry has been described as a trend by some people, but according to WGSN, sustainable retail is here to stay, and essential for the development of retail brands in 2012…

WGSN suggest that brands should do the following to boost their sustainable practice.

  • Waste management should already be integrated into the brand cycle. Recyclable and upcycled product is increasingly relevant to consumers
  • Think about the benefits of promoting repair solutions and product longevity
  • Be considerate of water usage and explain to the consumer
  • Use informative and engaging VM to bring sustainable solution stories to life across all channels

With such an influential organisation showing their support for sustainability, lets hope all brands focus on the important issues and get that sustainable ball rolling…

Fashionsus x

(all quotes and info available at: http://www.wgsn.com/content/report/Retail_and_VM/Retail_Strategy/Business_Insight/2011/December/sustainability_retailpresentation.html)



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