The New Rules of Green Marketing by Jacquelyn Ottman


Jacquelyn Ottman showcases 20 years of marketing experience in this fab book. Putting fashion aside, it gets to the ‘knitty gritty’ in terms of green marketing theory and provides anyone with an interest in sustainability a wealth of background information and marketing advice…

Chapters cover all aspects of green marketing from green now being mainstream, the 5 shades of green consumer, establishing green credibility, innovations in sustainability and most interestingly for me, communicating sustainability with impact.

Its a well thought out book and makes a ‘heavy’ subject very easy to read with plenty of industry case studies including Timberland and Patagonia for all you fashionistas…

I asked for this book as a birthday gift (alas, gone are the days when all I wanted was a Barbie..) but it hasn’t dissapointed and has become one of my main dissertation references.

If you are studying or just generally interested in sustainability and the green movement, BUY THIS BOOK. Bravo Jacquelyn, and thank you!

Check out the video above for more info!

Fashionsus x



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