H&M Launch Red Carpet Eco Collection

H&M have launched an all American vintage insipred collection made from  sustainable materials like organic cotton, hemp and recycled polyester. Hats off to H&M who have got some great ‘stand out’ pieces (my favorites are below) as well as flying that ethical flag with a press release stating “This collection shows how important sustainability is to H&M,”…

In stores from April 12th 2012, (100 stores nationwide) expect snaking ques and for me to be at the front!!

Original Article here and image rights to H&M

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KONY 2012

This post isn’t about sustaining fashion, but about sustaining life.

“The better world we want is coming its just waiting for us to stop at nothing…” WATCH AND SHARE THIS INCREDIBLE VIDEO. MAKE KONY FAMOUS.

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Me again, 

Sorry for the lack of contact, our university deadline schedule is well and truly killer at the moment with a growth strategy report which means my sustainability focus and dissertation has been on hold for a few weeks!! 

Dissertation resumes as of next week so il be sure to keep updating you with my work and findings, I have also joined the iphone revolution so can blog-on-the-go! 

Lots of Love, 

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Honest by

I have stumbled across this small brand (based in Belguim and launched in January 2012) whose philosophy is totally based around “ensuring customers know the entire manufacturing history of all its products.”

Continue reading to find out more about Honest by and see a short video!

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If you havn’t yet attended a ‘Swap Shop’, get down to your nearest one ASAP! As of last night, I can hold my hands up and say I was a swap shop virgin, continue reading for a complete low down and more snaps of my fab evening!

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12 Rules to Dress By

Ethical Fashion expert Amisha Ghadiali calls on us to make 2012 ‘The Year of The Sustainable Wardrobe’ with each of us becoming conscious consumers and demanding that the fashion industry is changed. (EFW.com 2012)

Read more to hear about Amisha and EFW..

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